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May 2002's Mini Convention in

Melbourne, FL

Sand Memorial to the New York Firefighters

Contino's & Marino's

New Banner

Western Night

John & Rosalie Fatteross

The Sheriff

Frank Cona & Bunny

Cowboys on the Beach

D.I.A.S. club

Ride'm Cowgirls

Women's Club

South Brevard

President Charlie and his Gang

Hollywood, Miramar & Punta Gorda


Daytona Beach

Ft. Lauderdale

Lynn Mele

The Rocky Water Cloggers

Henry Porter & Mike Mele learning how to Clog

Mike Mele & Bernie Petreccia getting the hand of it.

Mike Mele showing his stuff

Henry Porter kickin' it up

Mary Nickinello, Mimi Visconti & Frank Cona

Late Night Spaghetti Time

Bernie Petreccia, President Charles Scalisi & Tony Nickinello

Enjoying the food

Relaxing after the Late Night Spaghetti

Al Bonica & Jerry Orrison

Judy Pertile

Tom Pertile

At a Quiet Moment

Carol Renaldo & Rosemarie Tufarella

Joe Contino feeding one of his helpers

Mary Contino, Arleen Mele & Joe Contino

Arleen Mele & Chef Joe Contino working hard in the kitchen

Delegates' Meeting

Mike with the New Banner

A Proud Poppa

Delegates' Meeting

A moment of Pray

Delegates at the Meeting

Jean Bonica

Modeling at the Fashion Show

Rosalie Fatteross

Modeling at the Fashion Show

Women's Club table at Saturday Night's Dinner

Tim Rippey

Performing the Phatnom of the Opera

Tim Rippey perforning for a pack crowd


Pictures by Sherry Casey & Mike Mele



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